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"As a board president, I think initiating a conversation with fellow board members about fundraising is not easy. Even harder is discussing specific roles each board member will play in the fundraising effort. Raise Together helped our organization develop effective fundraising tactics and create buy-in from the board as a whole."


Chuck Aug, President of the Board of Directors

"Raise Together made the prospect of fundraising less scary, more understandable, and — dare I say it — even enjoyable.”


Brigitte Martin,

Board President

"Raise Together has provided us with common language and a framework that we can implement right away. The strengths-based approach is exactly what our board needed to address their concerns about fundraising. This program helped the board members understand that it's not about "the pitch," it's about being passionate and authentic.”

Brooke Thomson, Director of Development & Communications


Commonweal Theatre Company

Society of North American Goldsmiths

Annex Teen Clinic


Raise Together's Measure Activate Postion Approach

Measure - Our online assessment measures the individual strengths each board member and volunteer can bring to your fundraising effort.

Activate - We help you activate your fundraising team by providing insight into your organization's overall assessment results.

Position - Our coaching services position your team for fundraising success by creating a process that fully engages the strengths of your board and volunteers. 

Raise Together Individual Report Sample
Raise Together Organizational Report Sample

Your Board members and volunteers receive their own individual report identifying their specific fundraising strengths. 

Your organization report captures your board and volunteers role strengths, level of engagement, and ability to tell your story.  

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Transform Your Board & Volunteers into an Effective Fundraising Team 

  • Board Retreats
  • Launching a Major Donor Effort
  • Getting Ready for a Campaign
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Achieve your fundraising goals. Raise Together is an assessment tool that helps you measure, activate, and position the fundraising strengths of your board and volunteers. 

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